100+ Countries Now Have Mandatory Nationwide Mask Laws #Masks4All

The science is clear (and now widely accepted) that wearing homemade masks will slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

Modeling suggests if 80% of people wear a mask, we’ll stop the spread of the disease.

Therefore, we need every state to enforce mask wearing in public.

If you go out without a mask, you might kill someone. You wouldn’t even know it. If you see someone out without a mask, they could kill you.

When we don’t have symptoms, in the early stages of infection, is when we’re most infectious.

Every store, transit company, etc needs to force all customers and staff to wear a mask. No mask, no service.

Masks can be made at home — they shouldn’t be medical grade, because hospitals need them. A scarf or bandana is fine, or make a mask out of a handkerchief.

Please take 60 seconds to send a pre-written message to your regional government leaders asking for mandatory mask laws.

To request mandatory mask laws, send the message “Masks4all” (no quotes) via text to 50409, via this Twitter link, or via this Facebook link.