#Masks4All & Jeremy Howard In The Media

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#Masks4All started the movement for people and Governments to follow the overwhelming scientific evidence that shows we need to wear homemade masks in public to slow COVID-19.

Jeremy Howard is the one of the co-Founders of #Masks4All and the founder of the #Masks4All movement in the United States (which has led to the U.S. CDC changing its mask guidance).

Jeremy wrote a viral Washington Post article on March 28th about why Americans need to wear homemade masks to slow COVID-19. This article sparked a nationwide grassroots movement in the U.S. that created enough buzz that within days it led to the U.S. CDC changing its guidance and recommending that all Americans wear masks in public. You can read more about the #Masks4All backstory here.


CNN: Research scientist Jeremy Howard says the CDC should’ve encouraged wearing face coverings since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. (4/4/20)

MSNBC (Joy Reid): CDC Recommends Wearing Cloth Masks in Public (4/5/20)

Fox Business: As coronavirus continues, ‘masks for all’ movement grows (4/2/20)

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3AW Radio: ‘Wear a mask!’: Research scientist debunks claims that masks are useless against spread of COVID-19 (4/2/20)

Written Articles:

The Washington Post: DIY masks for all could help stop coronavirus (3/28/20)

The Guardian: To help stop coronavirus, everyone should be wearing face masks. The science is clear (4/4/20)

Written Interviews:

The Guardian: Face masks: can they slow coronavirus spread – and should we be wearing them? (4/4/20)

The Sydney Morning Herald: Australian expat’s push for universal mask-wearing catches fire in the US (4/1/20)

The Today Show (Australia): ‘Terrified’ Australian scientist urges all citizens to wear masks (4/3/20)


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Philadelphia Inquirer: Should you wear a mask in public? The narrative is shifting. (3/31/20)

Yahoo News Australia: ‘There’s no question about it’: Why some countries are NOW making face masks compulsory (4/2/20)

DailyMail (Australia): Data scientist claims Australia must increase testing and tracing of COVID-19 (4/2/20)

CBS8: Coronavirus: Will Californians be required to wear face masks in public?

CBN News: Should Americans Wear Masks to Slow Spread of Coronavirus? (4/1/20)

LAist: We Should All Wear Homemade Masks. Here’s How To Make One From A T-Shirt (4/2/20)

The Epoch Times: Texas Town Orders Residents to Wear Masks or Face $1,000 Fine (4/2/20)

Cape Cod Times: Support grows for public masks as coronavirus peaks (4/2/20)

Edmonton Journal: Canada’s bumbling response to COVID-19 is already SNAFU. But is FUBAR next? (4/2/20)

Akron Beacon Journal: To wear or not to wear a mask? Birthday dinner and pizza with wine (3/31/20)

The Print (India): Do masks help? Experts say even DIY masks are useful as Covid-19 is unrelenting (4/1/20)

The Morning Call: Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey encourages public to wear homemade masks to prevent coronavirus spread: ‘The idea is to protect everyone else’ (3/29/20)

Elwood City Ledger: ‘Cover up,’ says Toomey in video supporting #Masks4All movement (3/30/20)