Please Donate N95 or Surgical Masks To Hospitals

When we say #MasksForAll, we mean it. That means the general public should make homemade masks, and should support healthcare workers in getting the N95 and surgical masks they need to keep them and us safe!

The United States currently has a shortage of the professional-grade masks. We need to help increase that stock by pressuring our public officials and donating any private stockpiles.

Our aim is that people will rally together as they did in the Czech Republic.


The Czech Republic government made it mandatory for people to wear masks and the people responded by hand making 10 million masks in three days. (source)

There are even “mask trees” on street corners around the country, where people hang up masks they have made so others can take them. (source)


Making a mask at home is not hard and can be done by anyone using a t-shirt and scissors in about two minutes.

And by spreading the word about how easy it is to make a homemade mask, it will further stigmatize members of the public who choose to wear an N95 mask instead on donating it to hospital workers.

If we all wear homemade masks, we are all better protected. My mask protects you. Your masks protects me. And fewer patients will end up in the hospital, so our frontline healthcare workers will be better protected too.