1. #TestAndTrace

TestAndTrace is an all-volunteer organization that compiles data and resources to inform the public, health leaders, and government leaders on why testing and tracing is important and how they can implement it.

It has been featured by the U.S. CDC, Vox, NBC, TIME, and many others.

2. MustVote

MustVote helps people register to vote by mail (or to quickly contact their state legislators if their state doesn’t offer vote by mail).

3. Freedom Is Everything

Freedom is Everything is a content site about all things freedom: digital nomading, remote work, entrepreneurship, traveling the world, and trying to live a good life!

4. Five Fifths

Five Fifths is a content site about all things black business: lists, news, and interviews. We started Five Fifths because we believe every human deserves equal respect, equal opportunities, and equal treatment.

5. Need Change

Need Change informs people about how they can take action to help solve problems and improve the world. You’ll like this site if you care about improving humanity, democracy, climate change, the media, and living in a society that is unified against racism, sexism, and hate.

6. CamWoodsum.com

The personal website of our Founder. Writing about social justice, the U.S. elections, and anything else that doesn’t have a home on another website.

7. TwoMinuteBooks

Concise book summaries to help you improve yourself and your business!